Tutorial 101 for Python Regular Expression

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Dan just got his new job in a dealership. His job is to call customers who have left a phone number on their customer review page.

However, what troubles Dan is the review form is free text, and the phone numbers are embedded in their reviews.

Poor Dan! How to find those phone numbers easily without copying and pasting them one by one? Here comes Regular Expression (re)!

Regular Expression

Regular Expression (re) is a sequence with special characters. …

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As a working parent who is also homeschooling kids at home during the pandemic time, one critical task for me is how to keep kids busy and where to find the worksheets so that they could still study while at home.

Thankfully, I have some friends who have extensive experience and introduced me to a great math worksheets website: beestar. Why is it great? Because they offer FREE math sheets for students at different grades, which is exactly what I am looking for right now.

Using ‘Selenium’ for LinkedIn job postings scraping

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When you are in the job market and look for your next assignment, what would you do? Browse the different websites, check LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, refresh your email box day by day to ensure you won’t miss any opportunities.

Another creative way is to build a job scraper tool. You can collect all the information by clicking a button or you can simply schedule the running job to have a refreshed job posting lists every morning (Overall, you are a data scientist, right?)

Work smarter than work harder

Here, I would like to share one way using web scraping to…

A how-to guide for empowering critical decision-making

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There are various cases when users want to model the impact of assumptions to inform decisions. In this article, I use workforce planning to showcase how Power BI collects user inputs and changes the corresponding chart in real-time.

You can see in the outcome below that once the user adjusts the numbers on the left side, the chart on the right side will change accordingly.

Amazing visuals in Power BI for your reporting and dashboards

“Data has a better idea” sign.
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Many companies have chosen Microsoft Power BI for reporting and dashboards. Beyond the common charts (e.g. line chart, bar chart), there are many other visual types in Power BI that you can use to impress your audience.


Define your own Powerpoint color palette using Python K-means

Many people are struggling when choosing Powerpoint theme colors. We are not color experts and the default color palette has been used in many presentations.

More importantly, we want something that is natural, and comfortable. There are articles about fashion designers using Nature’s color for their inspiration. We could, as well, use the natural color for our data visualizations. Overall, nature’s color scheme always provides the most beautiful color match.

In this article, I will use K-means for the RGB values clustering to find the color themes through nature images.

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The process is simple:

1. Detect the image’s RGB


learning Python ‘class’

Image from Microsoft Game (Cat vs. Dog) — Cat VS Dog © Microsoft Corporation. The image was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Cat VS Dog, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming structure to pack properties and procedures into individual ‘object’. It is a different program structure compared to Procedure Oriented Programming (POP).

[Wiki]Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm based on the concept of “objects”, which can contain data and code: data in the form of fields, and code, in the form of procedures. A feature of objects is that an object’s own procedures can access and often modify the data fields of itself.

For example, if we use POP to record employee's characteristics, such as name, height, age, the list would be like below:


How to process document in batch, Python OS 101

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During my career, I’ve seen many people working very hard day and night. But does it have to be in this way? I am always looking for creative automation methods to improve work efficiency. So I decided to write a series of articles to introduce how python can speed up your work so that you could spend more time with your family. Hope you enjoy it!

Use Case

Charles just found a job as an Account Payable coordinator. He received tons of invoices from vendors every day. Different vendors have different name conventions. And Charles needs to add the invoice receiving dates…

Detect gender through the first name to analyze the wage gap

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The gender wage gap is well known to exist globally. This analysis is aimed to investigate whether there is a gender wage gap for high paid Ontario Public Sector Employees (Employees who are on the Sunshine list).

A sunshine list is a list consisting of public sector employees (e.g. government, health care, teachers) making $100,000 salary or higher per year. The Province of Ontario, Canada discloses the names, positions, salaries, and total taxable benefits every year on this website.


The sunshine list data is published annually on the government website since 1996 to make the public sector more transparent and…

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